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Basic Configuration

The Chart Instance

When you call new NightVision(), you create the main component written in Svelte and get its pure-js wrapper:

import NightVision from 'night-vision'

let chart = new NightVision('<root-element-id>', {
    /* Main component props */

Main props

The main props define how the chart will look and optionally can include a data object and user scripts:

let chart = new NightVision('root', {
    width: 800,
    height: 420,
    colors: { back: 'navy' },
    scripts: [], // Overlay / indicator scripts
    chartConfig: {}, // Rewrites chart constants
    data: {}, // Main data object
    // ... (more options)

When you assign a new value to any of the props, the engine automatically updates the internal state and re-renders the chart if necessary.

js = data() // Automatically resets the data

However, if you change a nested structure of a prop (e.g. data), you'll need to call update() method:

js = data() // Remove the pane
chart.update() // Update the changes

Full chart API

You can find the full list of chart props and methods in Chart API

Released under the MIT License.